Again here we go!

So I left my previous blog completely unattended and now all my content is gone. Starting from scratch again. No biggie. I need to make an effort on blogging more often!  But from last April to this April, so much has happened!  I competed in my first ever amateur bikini competition and placed 3rd in my class!! That was a very rewarding moment! I worked my butt off during my 7 months of prep, dieting, exercising, waking up at 5 am to do my cardio! It was definitely an amazing journey. I was disciplined and I carried all my food with me everywhere I went. It wasn’t easy when there were parties. I would watch everyone eat all this yummy food that I was not allowed BUT i had my end goal in mind so over time I got used to it. I have never been that fit in my life. I mean I saw abs for the first time! I took progress photos so that I can see how far I’ve come along but it was a mandatory request from my coach as well. It really helped though. Some days I would feel like nothing has changed but comparing the photos from the week before I could see so much has changed! I couldn’t have done it without my coach. She was with me every step of the way.

Over the course of my 7 month prep I lost 20 lbs! I was about 104 lbs on stage! The last 2 weeks of prep was brutal! I was running on barely any carbs, I was drinking about 2-8 liters of water everyday and my brain was just foggy and I couldn’t think straight. I was cranky and emotionally unstable. This was 10 times worst then when I am on PMS mode! My poor bf had to take all that shit! After the competition I didn’t know what to do with myself any more. I felt like I wasn’t striving for a goal any more so I lost motivation.  I missed portioning all my meals and taking it with me everyday. I missed working out twice a day. I missed striving for that goal. I tried to get back into the same routine but I just couldn’t. Something was missing….it was the hype and everything about competing and of course a stage date was missing so I knew that there was nothing I was working towards.  I am glad to announce that I will be competing again next year in 2017 so stay tuned for my entire prep this time!

Left: Pre-competition Right: 1 week out from competition.
Left: Pre-competition   Right: 1 week out from competition.
My BFF’s celebrating my victory!
At my tiniest ever at 104 lbs!!


My goal for my next prep is to beat this physique and come in a little more tighter! BC’s 2017 here I come!


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