30 is the new 20

Yes I just turned 30 a week ago while I was in China. It didn’t really sink in while I was in China until last night when I celebrated my belated birthday with my friends. My 2 BFF’s insisted that they plan something for my dirty thirty and I definitely have to thank them for doing it. I would have just wanted to stay home and did nothing! We had a great time yesterday and me being a lightweight as usual got wasted on 3 shots of vodka at dinner (some things just never change!) Its amazing how my group of girlfriends have changed with time. When I turned 20 all we talked about was where are we going to get wasted next week, where are the house parties at and cramming for exams. Fast forward 10 years later our conversations now revolve around career, wedding planning, kids, travelling and significant others. Of course we still want to have fun and party here and there but definitely not as much as we used to. I think my liver will thank me for less parties and drinking.

When I got home, surprisingly at 11pm I immediately got ready for bed (granny style! LOL) I had a weird dream. Well I wouldn’t say weird. It was more of a life reflection dream of where I was and where I am today. I had a dream that I was still working at the old law firm that I worked at years ago when I started my career path. I saw the same people, at the same building in the same office doing the same work over and over and over again. In my dream I thought there has got to be more to life then this!

That was exactly what I thought when I quit working at the firm 5 years ago. I was sucked into what society thought was right. Go to school, get a great job with great benefits and stay there until you retire. This was roughly when the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was gaining popularity. A friend lent me the book and that was the moment I knew there is DEFINITELY more to life then this dead end job and that was when I decided to pursue a career in real estate. Shortly after leaving my job at the law firm, I met my current boyfriend. He has forever changed my world and my view of career, finance and life. He is one of the most intelligent, creative and financially savvy human beings I’ve ever met. I am so glad that I met him. I have never had so much desire to travel, learn and build an empire before meeting him!

The dream I had last night really put into perspective where I came from and checks off which direction I am going. I finally get it. Life to me is about new experiences, life should be anything but boring. What you get in life is what you earned so if you don’t like what you have right now you need to quit blaming other people, your spouse, your job, your co-workers. You need to start looking at what YOU are or aren’t doing to the get results that YOU want. Sorry for going Tony Robbins on you guys but this is what I got out of the last ten years of my life. I truly believe the next 10 years for me will be AMAZING! My life is just beginning now.

Live. Love. Laugh. Learn and TRAVEL!


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