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How is everyone doing?! Sorry I’ve been quite MIA. I’ve been meaning to blog about my Asia trip but I haven’t had the time or energy to do it as it will be a LONG post with LOTS of photos!

I haven’t been feeling my best lately that is why I haven’t really been blogging. It could have to do with lack of sleep I’ve been getting lately but I feel like every part of me is suffering: My hair, skin, nails, digestion, brain fog, short term memory loss, low energy levels just EVERYTHING.  I figure its time to see a professional as I’ve had enough of this suffering. There are 2 routes I could take. Go to my family doctor, wait 45 mins passed my appointment time, tell him whats wrong and have him prescribe me some synthetic lab produced pills to band-aid my problems OR I could go see an overpriced naturopathic doctor that will pin point the problem, find a natural alternative solution to fix the problem. I chose the latter. I always will be FOR natural medicine or natural remedies even though it costs more.  I know going the naturopathic way may not always give me a solution as it’s a process of elimination of food, supplements etc but I rather go through that then put chemicals into my body. A lot of times its the food we eat that we might be intolerant to that your body is reacting to.  SO the big question is… Is this naturopath & holistic nutrition thing a big fat cash grab? Or is it is really worth what you pay?? I’m about to find out next week!

On the other hand the weddings have begun for me and J. One down six more to go this summer! I just came back from a weekend Vegas stag last week and I’m heading down there again next week. I’m hoping I don’t die with all the alcohol my poor liver will be processing! I will be snap chatting and Instagraming most of it so make sure your following! 😉

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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