T – 14 Days until my EPIC Around the World Trip!

All that’s been on my mind lately is my EPIC trip coming up at the end of August. Me and J have a wedding in Sorrento, Italy.  Then after the wedding the newly weds, me and J and another couple will be going around the world to some pretty exotic locations. I have never been to these places and this will be a trip of a lifetime! Here are the places we will be visiting.  If anyone has any pointers, suggestions on things we MUST do or should see at these locations please share!

First stop will be Sorrento, Italy for the wedding!  I’ve only admired this picturesque town in magazines and photos and vicariously in IG posts through my two GF’s who just visited this beautiful place. I get to finally visit this beautiful town myself now!


Next stop….. Florence, Italy.  Stunning old architectural buildings galore! Can’t wait to explore all this city has to offer!


Rome, Italy…Definitely cannot pass up on visiting this city! The coliseum, Leaning tower of Pisa, Trevi Fountain, Vatican SOOO much I must see in this city!

Rome-Colosseum 4-day-tuscany-and-cinque-terre-tour-from-rome-in-rome-125731

Next we will be passing through Venice to hop on to our 7 day cruise around Greece and Croatia.  We were going to stay a few nights in Venice but decided against it as there was some sort of film festival that time and it will be packed with celebrities and hotel prices shoot up about 2-3 times the original price during that time. The rest of the crew still insisted on going to Venice so me and J stay in Rome while they are in Venice. We will reunite in Venice to board our cruise. Will have to wait for my next Europe trip to explore Venice but I guess I could still say I was in Venice since I technically will be passing by! =P

We will be stopping at the following destinations while on the cruise:

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Piraeus (Athens), Greece
Piraeus (Athens), Greece
Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia

Once we get back to Venice to get off our cruise, this will conclude our Europe leg of the trip.  The following destinations I will be visiting will be in different countries on that side of the world that everyone would only dream of going to.  Since we are on that side of the world anyways we figured why the hell not??!  I am so excited with the next two places in particular as these places are on my bucket list! So where will we be going next??

Yes, Dubai! Exotic cars are the norm here. Their policemen are outfitted in supercars such as Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s. They have some of the tallest buildings in the world sitting atop their man made islands. With some of the wealthiest people in the world living here, funding these mega skyscraper buildings isn’t a problem!  This was on my bucket list.  Now I can check it off!


Dubai, U.A.E

Next up…a tropical nation with rows and rows of individual bungalows with glass bottoms perched on the Indian Ocean off the Sri Lankan coast sound familiar to you? Yup Maldives baby! The Maldives has always been a destination that I admired afar from glossy magazine covers, and websites. This beautiful tropical destination has always been on my bucket list. Heck my computer screen wallpaper is a picture of the Maldives! The Maldives is made up of hundreds and hundreds of little islands. I guess its safe to say that each Resort is on its own island. We have to either take a seaplane or boat into our resort from the main island and I guess we are sort of stuck on the resort until we leave.  But hey I ain’t complaining!

maldives Sheraton_Maldives1

Maldives, Male

Ok next up Sri Lanka! We were originally going to do a 1 night safari but it would have been a 6 hour car ride from Colombo (where we fly into) so we decided to scrap the idea since none of us really wanted to endure 6 hour car ride after getting off a flight. Sri Lanka is definitely known for their safaris but there is so much other things we can do also! Definitely will have to do the safari another time! FYI for anyone wanting to travel here you need a visa. It costs about $35 USD online or $40 USD upon arrival. For the sake of not stressing out I am going to do it online so I have it done!


The next stop will be me and J’s last stop before heading home for another wedding while the rest of the crew continue on to Japan without us!!  This destination was more of a strategic destination as it is a bigger airport and will have direct flights home to Vancouver and it was the most economic route from Sri Lanka.  Next stop will be Shanghai, China!  We were just in China this past April and I didn’t have the best impression of it but here we are again except closer to North China this time which is apparently quite different than South China but regardless Shanghai, I am ready for you!  Funny thing is we will be back in China again 3 weeks after we get home from this trip.  We will be going to Guangzhou again for the Canton Fair.


1468944619174_Shanghai 2

This will conclude our around the world trip although I know we wont have enough time to explore everything at the places we go to since we are only staying for a couple days at each of these locations but I am glad I get to check out these places!  We will definitely miss our pup dearly wish we could take her with us to all these places!  Pictures and update when I am back!  For now stay happy, stay healthy and enjoy the rest of summer everyone! <3

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  1. sjarifin says:

    Wow!! I can feel your excitement in the writing and am sure you guys will have a great time. A few of these places are on my bucket list. Look forward to learning more about your adventures and experiences upon your return. Safe travels to you and J.

    1. Fitcavechick says:

      Thanks Sjarifin! Yes I will definitely be updating you guys on the trip once I’m back in November!

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