My EPIC Trip: Sorrento, Positano, Capri & Pompeii

Ok guys I figure its time to write about my epic trip over the summer! Sorry for the delay I just got back from Guang Zhou, China!

So how was my around the world trip? In short it WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Here are the details of my trip. Where I went, what I did, what my thoughts were etc… All detailed here starting with Europe.

On August 28th I set on an unforgettable adventure starting in Italy! I travelled To Rome, Italy to meet with the rest of the 70 guests that were part of a magical destination wedding in Sorrento. I flew solo as J was already in Europe for the groom’s bachelor party. I was told I absolutely could not be late as the bride and groom has arranged a shuttle bus to pick up all their guests at the Rome airport to go to Sorrento.

To cut cost i had to book 2 flights separately. I booked a one way from Vancouver to London and then I booked another one way ticket from London to Rome. I saved $300 doing it this way. I’ve been warned that Gatwick is an extremely busy airport although far less busy than Heathrow but regardless I had a 2 hour time frame to get on to my flight from London to Rome. So when checking in at YVR I asked the check in agent to put me as close to the exit as possible so I could be the first one off the plane.  He put me right next to the door which was perfect.  I was the first one to get off the plane and I bolted to get to immigration as fast as I could.  I was third in line to get to the customs officer and it took FOREVER.  The customs officers were so slow. It took like close to 15 mins to process one person, or at least it felt like 15 mins. I don’t understand why there would be only 2 customs officers working when there is a huge line up of people behind me. The UK residents line had like 4 officers working. But anyway I finally got through and got my stamp on my passport so I ran to pick up my luggage from the belt and headed to check into my flight to Rome. The check in was automated. There was a machine I just had to enter my flight details and out came a luggage tag for me to fix to my checked luggage, I put my luggage onto the belt and off it went and off I went to the boarding gate. Would I book separate flights again to save a few hundred dollars? NO. The stress involved with making sure I was on time was not worth it.  I did not factor in flight delays and huge line ups. Thank goodness there was no delay that day. If there was I would have been in deep doo doo as I would have missed my connecting flight and then missed the shuttle to get to Sorrento which was a 4 hour ride from the Rome airport by the way!

When i got into Rome I was the only person from the wedding that was here so I sat inside the gate where it was safer and waited. Finally the bride and her friends from the bachelorette party came in from Budapest. Then everyone slowly trickled in.  The groom and the men including J were all late. Their flight was delayed and they showed up about an hour late. So we waited.

Once the men showed up we hopped onto our shuttle bus and away we went to Sorrento. There was Mini Champagne bottles for everyone and watching people open the bottles was hilarious especially the older family members of the bride and groom. The loud pop would freak them out and the lid would shoot to the roof of the bus and then It would spill all over the shuttle bus floor prompting them to quickly put their mouth on the opening of the bottle to stop more champagne from spilling out…LOL  I wish I had a video of that!  We were also handed wedding itinerary schedules for the next few days.  It included a meet and greet, the details of the wedding, a boat cruise to Capri and ending with a Pompeii tour on the last day.

img_8268    img_8267

By the time we got into Sorrento it was night time already. Everyone went to check into their hotels. Me and j were staying close to the shuttle bus drop off area.  Our hotel was old but then again nothing in Italy is new or modern. There was a tiny elevator that barely fit the both of us and our luggage. We usually took the stairs to get to our room.  The hotel was supposed to be a 4 star but it felt more like a 2.5 star for North American standards but the room was clean and that is all that mattered at this point. We checked in and changed and headed out to meet up with a few others staying in the same area for dinner. We found a cute little place that served the most delicious Italian Food! Authentic Italian food is to die for! Great food, friends new and old, good wine was a perfect way to end our first night in Sorrento.  Oh and of course we got gelato after!

Cute little pizzeria joint we ate at
Cute little pizzeria joint we ate at
Some new faces we met that night!
Some new faces we met that night!

DAY 2 – Lunch Meet and Greet in Positano

Day 2 was our organized meet and greet in Positano.  Our shuttle buses were waiting to pick us up in Sorrento. J did not have clothes for this event so we woke up early and hit the street markets to try and find something.  He came back with a full linen outfit. A polo tee, linen shorts, a belt and to finish off the look, a fedora!…true italian style! I love dressing him since I remember when I first met him he said he only wears black, white and grey.  Sure enough when I looked in his closet everything was in order from long sleeve to short sleeve in black, white and grey. Since meeting me he has incorporated lots of different colors including pink!  You’re Welcome J! LOL

Our lunch took 4 hours! The waiters screwed up our orders and they didn’t have a system on how to find who ordered what since everything was pre-ordered months before we got there but the food was good along with the breathtaking views of Positano!

img_8285 img_8286 img_8293

After the long lunch we decided to check out the beach.  We brought our beach gear so we were prepared! The beach wasn’t exactly the nicest as it was very rocky but it felt awesome to be in the sun and the water! Once the sun set we decided to hit the street markets. Some of the girls bought some souvenirs and we walked back to our bus pick up station location to get picked up to head back into Sorrento. The night views in Positano are gorgeous as well!

img_8305 img_8304


The wedding was absolutely beautiful! The ceremony was short and sweet but we weren’t allowed to take photos. Only the photographer was allowed to so unfortunately no photos of the wedding ceremony which was absolutely beautiful! We then got dropped off at the reception venue which was about 15 mins away.  The venue was FRICKING AMAZING! It was outdoor overlooking the ocean.  It was so perfect! There was of course an open bar and my favorite was the gelato bar! The night ended with an exclusive fireworks show for the guests. I unfortunately did not save the footage from my snapchat! =(

Amazing views during cocktail hour
The decor was so romantic and beautiful!


photo-2016-11-09-8-30-28-am photo-2016-11-09-8-30-35-am photo-2016-11-09-8-30-41-am photo-2016-11-09-8-31-10-am

A toast to the newly weds!

DAY 4 – Boat cruise into Capri

This was me and J’s favorite event during the wedding!  The bride and groom organized 8 private charted boats to take us from Sorrento to Capri. We had so much fun we stopped in the middle of the sea and everyone jumped into the water to swim and bask in the sunshine and warm water! Lots of Prosecco was served while we cruised into Capri.  When we got into Capri we found a place for lunch and explored the little town after lunch of course ending it with Gelato!

img_8352 img_8354 img_8357 photo-2016-11-09-8-32-29-am img_8376 img_8381

DAY 5 – Pompeii Excursion

This was a fun and enlightening day for most of us! We went to Pompeii for a tour of ancient Rome. When we got there, there was a massive line up of tourists trying to get in. We negotiated with a tour guide to bring us in and take us on a tour. I’m glad  we went with the tour guide or else I would have no clue what I was looking at. Some of the wedding guests opted for the audio guide which some of them found not helpful at all. The most popular and crowded spot on the tour was the whore house and also the penis arrows pointing towards the whore houses! LOL The penis was the symbol of good luck and longevity apparently.

After Pompeii the shuttle bus dropped us off at the Naples train station.  This was the end of the wedding. Some of the party went home, some went elsewhere. This was where a lot of us said our goodbyes. Some of us was heading to Florence next for a couple of days.

There it is carved onto the ground pointing in the direction of the whore house!

img_8386 img_8402 img_8401 img_8400 img_8398 img_8397 img_8396 img_8393 img_8391 img_8390 img_8389 img_8388 img_8387img_8408 img_8414 img_8413

In conclusion, I enjoyed the cute little town of Sorrento and Positano and Capri.  There were no big box chain stores or restaurants there so everything was unique and different. What I didn’t like was how the hotels were so tiny. I could barely turn around in my shower in Sorrento! That is probably the only complaint I have.

I will be blogging about the rest of my trip.  I split it up into sections as it will be a lot of reading =) Hope you all enjoy!






  1. Sounds amazing, Jen! Looks like you and J had a great time. B and I have been wanting to go to Italy for some time! When we do, I’ll definitely have to come to you for recommendations on where to go and where to stay.

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