Top 10 Essential items I carry in my gym bag

I’ve been asked many times by random people at the gym “where did you get that?”  So here I am sharing my daily gym essentials with you aside from the obvious gym clothes and shoes that I always bring to the gym!  I buy most of my stuff online so I will link in my post where I get these items!

#1 – Wireless headphones

I cannot tell you what a world of difference wireless headphones make while training.  I used to just use the sub-par apple headphones that came with my iphone.  Sometimes while I am working out it would snag on a piece of equipment I’m using and it will rip out of your ears.  That is such a mood kill especially when you are mid rep and have like 1 or 2 more reps to go to finish your set! I’ve recently made the switch to wireless and I can never ever go back to messing with wires.  Ain’t nobody got time for that sh*t!  The ones i’ve been using are  the T2S from Bluedio Audio.  You can check them out here.  The bass on these are amazing for the price and I love over the ear head phones as the ones that fit on the ear sort of hurts over time while you wear them so definitely over the ears are the way to go!  I also like these because they cancel out noise so no one can talk to you while you are focused on your workouts!  These also fold up nicely so you can save space in your bag.  My fiance tried them on when I got them and he loved them so much that he bought himself the exact same pair in the same colour too.

#2 – Gloves


This one is mostly for all my ladies out there, unless you want to be dealing with unsightly calluses on your hands after a hard core sesh then I highly suggest wearing gloves while you work out. I have about 3 pairs of gloves just in case I put a pair in the wash.  My go to pair are my Nike Fundamental workout gloves.  I also just ordered these Harbinger ones.  The Techgel cushioning feature totally sucked me into buying them LOL.  I am all about the cushioning and the grip when it comes to gloves.  I only get the finger-less ones because you sweat in them and the thought of having sweaty hands trapped inside gloves just gives me the shivers. Cold, wet and clammy hands anyone?? No thanks!

#3 – Water Bottle

Ok so this one gets asked the most from fellow gym goers who see me toting this around the gym with me.  If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook you will know how much I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my mammoth mug!  This water jug carries 2.5 L of water/liquids and by drinking from this everyday you can keep track of your 8 glasses minimum per day.  What I love about this jug the most is that it has a wide mouth  opening so you can actually clean it if you have to or add your powders and even ice into it.  Its like a shaker cup but on steroids LOL.  I also love the fact that there are markers on the side to tell you how much water you drank.  This water bottle is also FDA approved and is BPA free, BPS free, Estronic Activity free and Androgenic Activity free.  They also come in a ton of different colors to suit your style.  I actually got this as a gift and the only color available was a red one or a green one so I chose the red.  I highly recommend getting one for yourself or even as a gift for a loved one, your workout partner or whoever you think would love one! Check out all the fun colors here!

# 4 – Lock

There is nothing more important than making sure your shit is secured while your working out. I’ve had my trusty Dudley combination lock for over 17 years which makes this “Vintage” LOL.  I got this on the first day of Grade 8.  This lock brings back lots of nostalgic memories. I love the gold color to it.  FYI it came in this gold color back in the days! I know this lock will be one in a million and no one will have this so it is easy to spot in the locker room should you forget which locker you put your lock on. I always quadruple check to make sure I have my lock before I leave the gym.  I would be devastated if I ever were to lose this lock.  Its more so of all the memories from high school from it.  The Dudley brand lock has definitely stood the test of time. 17 years and going strong so I highly suggest getting one which I am pretty sure will last your lifetime. Nowadays Dudley makes their locks like this one which has some cool designs.

For all my fellow Van Tech High Alumni who are reading this, do any of you still have your gold colored locks?

#5 – Hair ties

Ladies you knew this one was coming! I absolutely have to tie up my hair when i workout. The last thing you want is hair all over your sweaty face while you lift! I go through them like no tomorrow because I either lose them, drop them, break them etc.  You can get these at your local drug store but I only use the Goody ouchless ones because I find all the other brands when I use them once the elastic gives out and does not retract back therefore I have to throw it out.  There is definitely a whole package in my bag, in my car and in my bathroom.

#6 – Tripod/Selfie stick

Ok I don’t always have this with me but when I Do I am recording my posing practice with it to send to my coach or recording a workout for a social media post.  I recently purchased this Camkix premium 3 in 1 tripod and this one is of very high quality and durability.  Its a small item but definitely on the heavier side so it is pretty solid. Its not flimsy and light like the cheaper ones you find on Amazon.  It comes with a go-pro mount as well. What I love about this is the strong ball socket that unlocks so you can adjust your camera angle 180 degrees. This does sit quite low on the ground so you would have to prop it up on something for height or you can purchase the pole that mounts right onto this tripod if you need the extra height.

#7 – Resistance loop bands

Unless you go to a fancy gym that has these resistance loop bands I would purchase a set just to have.  These give you extra resistance when doing your workouts.  I especially like using these on leg days.  These are also easy to carry around when you travel but are limited to the exercises you can do that is why I have 3 different types of resistance bands.   I have the resistance band tubes and these flat resistance bands.  All 3 types of these resistance band sets make excellent travel friendly gifts for your fit friends who travel often. I always take these with me when I travel because you never know if there is going to be a good gym where your staying so you can workout with resistance bands just by attaching it to the door anchor piece that comes with your sets.

#8 – Waist trimmer belt

I always have this neoprene waist trimmer  on while I am training.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will see that I have 2 of these. A black one and a grey one.  This is very affordable so having 2 just makes things easier to rotate when you throw it in the wash.  My problem area is my belly so wearing this helps heat up my core and promote water loss which helps me look tighter.  This is most effective while doing cardio but I wear it while lifting as well and at the end of my session its still drenched.

#9 – Waist trainer

Waist trainers and waist trimmers are two different things people seem to always confuse the two.  A waist trainer is worn to narrow the waist down through compression by wearing a corset like garment over an extensive period of time.  It will give you that hour glass shape that every women so desires.  It will correct your posture as the compression forces you to sit up straight and it will help shrink your waist over time since its hard to eat a lot while you are wearing your waist trainer.  Now with all this being taken into consideration, there are lots of inferior waist trainers out there.  I’ve done quite a bit of research to know how to pick out a good quality waist trainer (which I will save for another post). The one I have now is not the best.  My cousin brought it back from china for me but surprisingly it compresses pretty darn well and gives me that hour glass shape but the hooks aren’t as far apart so i’m using it on the last row of hooks and very soon this will be ineffective for me.  I will post more on this topic on another post but for now, this is in my bag because I wear this during the day and I swap it to the waist trimmer when I workout in the afternoon

#10 – Small Towel

I usually have a small towel in my bag so I can wipe sweat off myself or put it on the machines I am using.  I like having a cool printed one or a small microfiber one (micro suede) because it’s light weight and dries very fast compared to the traditional towels.  You can of course buy your towels at any department store.

So there you have it, these are the items that are usually in my gym bag!  What do you have in your gym bag?





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